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Simon Lynge – New Single

Simon Lynge’s new single ‘Age of Distraction’ is out now world-wide across all major streaming platforms.

Apple fans can grab it from this iTunes Link or stream via SoundCloud below

It’s the first single from his brand new album ‘Deep Snow’ which will be released on 23rd November, and follows previous praise from Q Magazine, The Sunday Times and Uncut Magazine. Recorded in a secluded cottage in the green hills of Wales and in the eclectic atmosphere of London’s Narcissus Studios, the album is a collaboration with long-time friend and musical partner, Richard Lobb.

Having spent his early years as a shepherd in the Greenland tundra, nature and life’s fragility are never far from Simon’s lyrics and this beautiful new track is no exception.

“I just wanted to acknowledge the underlying anxiety of existence in this age and the longing for connection that I believe is so pervasive in modern humans,” explains Lynge. “We have instant access to information, but our knowledge of the source of a meaningful life is at an all-time low. We look out of our eyes and forget to observe with our heart.”


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