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Once upon a time, a prince named Travis and a princess named Julie were born in the far off kingdom of Tex-us. Since their inception, they were trained in the ancient tribal arts of the Houston and Dallas clans.

The Elders in their respective clans immediately recognised their mesmerizing poetic melodies and catchy, yet lyrical scribes. They each also displayed immense natural talents and proficiencies with the guitar, piano, sky diving, stunt driving, dressing themselves strangely, singing in bull-horns, bull wrestling, horse riding, hand to hand combat and all- around badassery. Henceforth, mounds of followers pronounced their understanding and adoration for Travis and Julie, and each were therefore raised to the prominent status as Official Duo to the Mountee Court Minstrel and renamed them Travis + Julie. Soon thereafter, they were banished to the Southlands for their refusal to write.record.perfom terrible music.

It is now in the southern deserted Land of Nashville governed by Tennesseans, in which they find refuge primarily. It didn’t take long after their arrival in Nashville before followers round the globe raised their glasses to Travis + Julie’s debut album, entitled “Good Enough,” and honored them with songs on the radio contraption and many songs in those pictures on the wall called movies.

Travis + Julie signed to Integrity in 2011 for the UK release of their new album “Moon Girl”. Lead single “Osmosis” was played by “whispering” Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2 and playlisted on Amazing Radio. The band played a run of successful UK dates including a main stage slot at the Acoustic Festival of Britain at Uttoxeter racecourse.

Early previews from follow-up album “Toys” are sounding immense, so watch this space!

“Moon Girl is… one of the best collections of music to come around in a long time in this town. It’s like the best of Lou Reed (listen to Velvet Underground‚ “Loaded”) and country music all rolled into one! … Travis + Julie are pushing the boundaries and I like it! Their sound is totally unique and it’s evident by the way they approach the music in this album that they believe in their sound, you can tell it comes from the heart! I love it and my 24 year daughter loves it…” – Tim Ross, Nashville.com

“It’s tough to come up with something fresh and unique to say about such a beautiful and catchy tune. Not only does this performance hold up under repeated listening, it reveals something new each time you hear it.” – Marcus Vector, Belgian DJ- Regarding “Osmosis”

“This Nashville duo has a CD called Moon Girl that is a a pop-music amusement-park ride. On this track (Osmosis) they lay down a deliciously danceable rhythm and positively twirl in melody. Where have these folks been all my life?” – Robert K. Oermann

“Travis and Julie’s Moon Girl is jam packed with appealing textures, lush instrumentation, tasteful and passionate musicianship, intriguing production, and catchy hooks.” – Rand Bishop

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