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Imagine M83 giving birth to the surrogate child of Radiohead and Sigur Ros.  Wolverhampton’s electronic/indie five-piece Silhouettes’ music is dark and acerbic, yet hopeful and tender.

In the live arena,  expect a cleansing wash of swirling delays, cavernous reverbs, fizzing synth, nostalgic beats and aching strings.

Silhouettes formed in 2009, honing their complex, emotional sound before releasing two EPs:  Paint Me As You See Me (2010) and Himself.Unknown.Too Late (2012).

Signed to Integrity in late 2013, Silhouettes released Fake DIY Single of the Week “Gold Tag” on 18th November, followed by “Prufrock’s Dream” in May 2014, before unleashing their debut album “Ever Moving Happiness Machines” on 2nd June 2014.

Watch the videos here: Prufrock’s Dream – official video

BUY Silhouettes’ debut album on iTunes here: Silhouettes – iTunes

BUY Silhouettes’ debut album on Amazon MP3 here: Silhouettes – Amazon

A limited edition CD album with gatefold digipak sleeve and 16-page lyric booklet is available for mailorder here:  Integrity Shop

With influences such as John Grant, Massive Attack and Bon Iver, Silhouettes’ debut album twists and turns from haunting pin-drop falsetto sparseness to crunching post-punk guitars and pumping Moroder-esque electro with a beat and swagger to match their fashionable B-Town neighbours.

Songwriter/vocalist Nathan came across the title ‘Ever Moving Happiness Machines’ in an Adam Curtis documentary, The Century of the Self, which described how Freudian philosophy was used by the U.S. Government to convert society into consumers:

“I think the title ties the album together well. The songs are mostly about the awakening of the self within a society obsessed with the vacuous ends of consumerism. The epiphany leads to a transformation of the self through a pursuit of deeper, more natural truths about happiness.

Silhouettes are:

Nathan Till – Vocals, Guitars
Jay Cuthill – Samples, Keyboards, Production
Ben Blewitt – Keyboards
Xander Roberts- Bass, Vocals
Ben Dargue- Drums

“A phenomenal synth-rock experience featuring brooding instrumentals and haunting vocal performances”         The CD Critic

“A very promising band trying and succeeding at something really quite hard to execute”
Alex Baker – Kerrang! Radio

“Silhouettes might just have released one of the singles of the year”  Louder Than War

“I love Gold Tag”      Jack Parker – Amazing Radio

“Atmospherically beautiful”     Listen With Monger

“The edge of vulnerability in his voice provides a beautiful sense of emotion to the songs.”

“Silhouettes do both loud and hard, and soft and emotional extremely well. … This band has more to say than the majority of their contemporaries.”     Birmingham Live

“The obvious comparison is Radiohead, but Wolverhampton’s brilliantly inventive Silhouettes have a lot more in their armoury, blending thumping electronica with mind bending rock-out pieces and falsetto vocals. Not to be missed!”     RipitUp!



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